Pregnancy Reveal Mashup Packs a Cute Punch

Grab the tissues. You're going to need them for this adorable pregnancy mashup video—combining everything you love about a heartfelt pregnancy reveal in two minutes.

Pregnancy Reveal Mashup Packs a Cute Punch INSIDER/Facebook

Is there anything in life more special than finding out you're going to have a baby? Actually, there is: Telling your loved ones that you're expecting.

Lucky for us, many new parents-to-be are letting us in on their joy with the rise in pregnancy reveal videos posted on social media. Some of the reveals are simple—just showing the pregnancy test—while others are more elaborate (and Hollywood-movie quality). But ultimately, the outcome is the same: plenty of screaming, tears and hugging. The raw, real emotion is something that can't be faked. You'll probably hear an, Are you freaking kidding me?! No way!

And while one video is special, seeing a whole bunch of pregnancy reveals in one short mashup is enough to make us weep at our desks. This video from Insider packs a ton of emotion into an almost two-minute clip. The reveals range from overjoyed dads finding out that their "boys" can swim, to older siblings learning they're going to have a new little brother or sister, to the once-in-a-lifetime moment when overjoyed grandfathers realize they're going to have a new little bundle to spoil. "You finally got it right, huh?" one grandpa-to-be joked. "Oh my god! Oh my god! We're going to be grandpas!" another pair yell as they got the news. Pretty special!

Our favorite, though, has to be the final reveal where the woman finds out that her sister is expecting twins. "Can I have one?!" she screams. We're pretty sure mom will want to keep both, but what a hilarious—and special—moment they'll have forever.