Pregnancy Reveal Parodies 'Shut Up & Dance'

This pregnancy announcement, set to the tune of Walk the Moon's 'Shut Up and Dance', isn't just creative and worthy of some serious toe-tapping—it's also surprising.

Pregnancy Reveal Parodies 'Shut Up & Dance' The Murrays/YouTube

If you're going to have another baby, the only thing better than announcing your pregnancy is expecting at the same time as your sibling. Or at least, that's how videographer Jon Murray of YouTube family The Murrays feels.

In this awesome pregnancy announcement video, which is a parody of the chart-topper from Walk the Moon, "Shut Up and Dance," you see Jon and his wife Danielle—who um, already have three little girls—sing the news that they're having a fourth (and according to them, last) baby, due December 21. The creative lyrics "We know your thoughts, yes we know how it happens, we just like having kids" are funny enough on their own, but then half-way through, we get a big surprise:

Jon's brother Aaron and his sister-in-law, Liz, announce that they're also expecting a baby, due just a few weeks after Danielle, on January 8. This will be the second baby for Liz and Aaron and they're just as excited as their fellow Murrays.

Though four kids might seem like a lot (especially when they have a baby under 1 right now!), it was important to Jon and Danielle to keep the same enthusiasm about having "one more baby" with this child. "It honestly can be hard to be pregnant with your third or fourth sometimes because you do get a lot of sarcastic or even rude comments from people," they told The Huffington Post. "We just want everyone to know that having more than two kids is a blessing and that you can be just as excited for your third or fourth as you can be about your first."

We totally agree with you. Now shut up—it's time to dance to this amazing announcement!