Pregnancy Reveal Video Riffs On Fresh Prince

In what might be the freshest pregnancy announcement idea ever, one couple takes to YouTube with a riff on The Fresh Prince of Belair theme to share their baby news.

Pregnancy Announcement Video Riffs On Fresh Prince Jesse Meek/YouTube

This couple wants to tell you how their life is about to get flipped-turned upside down, so just take a minute, sit right there, and watch this amazing pregnancy announcement. Parents-to-be, Jesse and Melissa Meek of Happy Valley, Ore. got creative when they found out they were expecting their first baby.

While it's one of the more creative pregnancy announcements we've seen in a while (and it's gone crazy viral with over 3 million views), what's really impressive is that they couple only had to do three takes to get this rap down pat. Melissa told FOX12, "I just started playing around with some words and the Fresh Prince tune kept coming to mind, and then Jesse said he was doing the same thing and the same tune was coming to his mind."

So, they're basically destined to be together.

It's hard to choose our favorite lyrics from their mash-up, but here are a few that ring pretty true: "When our family and friends, who were up to no good, started asking questions of our parenthood. We told one little lie that 'It's not time yet', and our parents said: 'We're ready for grandkids, so get a move on it!'" Or, about the baby-making sex: "The plan had begun to start our own family, and man was it fun!"

Congrats to the rapping couple! Once their newborn is here, we bet they'll be singing "Yo homes, smell ya later" when they're changing (endless) diapers.