A Pregnancy in Review

1-15-09: My second to last blog


Next week my blog with Fit Pregnancy will officially come to an end. What a wonderful assignment this has been. To record my pregnancy from conception through birth and beyond has been immensely rewarding. What's more, my weekly blogs are now a narrative of David's entrance into this world. Years from now, I'm sure I will read through them and marvel at all of my thoughts and experiences.

Even now, as I look back through my entries, I'm amazed that things can change so much in one year. Last January, Nelson and I weren't completely sure if we were going to have another baby, but by the end of the month we threw caution to the wind, and, well, you know what happened.

Six weeks later, I was beginning the first trimester and experiencing all that goes along with it: morning sickness, worrying about miscarriage, the first ultrasound, and weaning Elise. Oh, how I am so glad those days are long gone. That being said, I would do it all over again, and happily, knowing the end result.

It was my hardest pregnancy. I tried to keep healthy, though. I walked when I could. I tried to eat good food even when my cravings dictated. And I tried to enjoy all of the magical moments and stay zen-like even through the discomfort and frequent exhaustion. Of course, I became a little crazy by the end. I've never cleaned my house so much. In fact, all of the organizing I did has helped me manage three kids with a bit more finesse. I still have to work at parenting though. As hard as the pregnancy felt on certain days, mothering is, hands down, the hardest thing I've ever done. Thankfully, I have a great family and good friends who support me.

Believe it or not, I'm a little sad that I'll never experience another pregnancy. Even though I complained now and again ,and even though I'm happy to have my body back (except my breasts, that is), I realize that being pregnant is a blessing unlike any other I'll be given in my life. When we are in the thick of it, it's easy to forget what an amazing gift pregnancy is. Luckily, after about 40 weeks or so, we get the ultimate reminder.

Shelley Abreu is a freelance writer, who feels blessed that she can write about motherhood here and elsewhere on the internet. She's sad to conclude this blog, but you can read her personal blogs at www.shelleyabreu.com and www.kidappetit.com.