Pregnancy Time-Lapse Makes Four for Viral Family in Mesmerizing New Video

You won't be able to look away from this sweet pregnancy time-lapse video from YouTube vloggers Armands Alps.

Sure, you could schedule a maternity shoot to memorialize your baby bump for all time...or you could do what this family did and create a full-on time-lapse video documenting your pregnancy from oh-my-god-I'm-pregnant to oh-my-god-I'm-about-to-pop and everything in between.

The family behind YouTube channel Armands Alps shared a time-lapse starring the whole clan—it takes the viewer through every stage of the mother's pregnancy and includes adorable cameos from the couple's firstborn child. We take in scenes from when they learned of the pregnancy, a fast-moving look at the ever-changing baby bump and finally, the arrival of the couple's second child.

If the parents or the scenery looks familiar, it's because this is actually the second pregnancy time-lapse video from the same couple—you might recall the lapse they released to honor their first fact, we'd say it's a pretty good possibility, as the first video has nearly three million views.

Interested in doing something like this with your own pregnancy? We caught up with Armands Alps, the father in the video, to learn a bit more about what really goes into creating such an epic time-lapse. "We took a picture a day, which was the easy part," he told Fit Pregnancy. "Then came the editing...With the first video it was easier, we didn't have a child, so I was able to edit the whole video in two nights, but with the second video it was a little bit harder. I couldn't edit as much as I wanted, because I had to take care of our daughter."

The couple had several reasons for capturing their second pregnancy as well as their first. "We agreed with my wife that we are going to publish the new video during Christmas as a gift to our grandparents and other family members," Alps explained. "When my wife got pregnant with our son, we knew that we had big shoes to fill by making a sequel, but nevertheless that wasn't the main goal of the video. We wanted that both of our children could have such videos, because they're really fun to watch, especially after a couple of years have passed by."

The two videos are incredibly similar, right down to the outfits the parents wear. The main difference, of course, is the fact that the second video includes their first baby. It's such a perfect representation of how quickly things evolve where parenting is concerned. "We didn't expect it to go viral," Alps said of the first time-lapse video. "It was a positive shock. I thought that the video wouldn't get more than 100 views...We made the first video to document the pregnancy progress, which was an exciting experience for us as young parents and also to have it as a legacy for our daughter, when she grows older. We just had to make a sequel so our son isn't left behind without a video."