Pregnant Surfer Hangs 10 All 40 Weeks

Surfing is one of the activities on the no-go list during pregnancy, but experienced surfers, like Liza Edwards, are defying medical recommendations and hitting the waves—all in the name of having a fit pregnancy.

Surf's up for Liza Edwards, a Queensland native who is so committed to surfing, she'll continue to practice the sport throughout her pregnancy—and when we say "throughout her pregnancy," we mean up until her due date.

Edwards, who was 38 weeks pregnant as of four days ago, has every intention of hanging ten up until the day she's set to have her baby, according to SheKnowsshe's even hoping her water will break, well, in the water. 

"Ideally my waters will break in the water," the mom said. "It's not an option for my child not to like surfing. I have one two-and-a-half-year-old right now, and he's already been up on the board a few times. In the meantime, personally, I'll definitely keep surfing until the baby is born."

As incredible as Edwards's story is, she's actually not the only mom-to-be in her circle who contnues to surf through her pregnancy. She's even part of a group called Surfing Moms Australia, which includes several pregnant members.

Surfing during pregnancy seems risky but others have done it safely. Take Nadine Smith, who surfed a few times a week through her third trimester before giving birth to a healthy baby boy. Bethany Hamilton surfed through her pregnancy as well, claiming her decision to do so was about staying fit during pregnancy.

But docs have long been advising against surfing during pregnancy, and Daniel Roshan, M.D., an OBGYN in New York, agrees. "Surfers have a chance of falling in the water, and hitting big waves can cause trauma to the abdomen," he told the New York Daily News

So if you're a pregnant surfer, be sure to speak with your doctor before hitting the waves. Edwards definitely has an impressive story—and she likely has the level of skill needed to remain safe while surfing—but every pregnancy is different. You should make sure it's a safe option for you if you want to ride the same wave as Edwards does.