Pregnant Trainer Shares Another Bump-to-Bump Photo

The super-fit pregnant trainer shared a photograph of herself showing her baby bump alongside a client—this photo is a bit different than the last one she shared.

Pregnant Trainer Shares Another Bump-to-Bump Photo chontelduncan/Instagram
A fit, healthy pregnancy can look any number of ways. Chontel Duncan understands that and she's taking it upon herself to prove that to others, yet again.

Duncan is in ridiculously good shape. She's also very tall. Those factors, likely along with genetic traits and lifestyle choices, mean Duncan's baby bump seems small despite the fact that she's at the tail end of her pregnancy. But according to the fitness expert, that's totally healthy. And so is a pregnancy that results in a slightly larger bump.

Duncan shared a photo of herself posing with a client, both ladies showing of their baby bumps. Despite the fact that their due dates are just a few weeks apart, Duncan's bump is considerably smaller—which is completely normal because everybody's pregnancy looks a little bit different. There is no norm and that's important to remember.

Duncan's new photo showcases her standing bump-to-bump with a friend. Duncan is 12 days away from her due date in the picture, the friend is due 12 weeks after the shot was taken. Both ladies are pregnant for the first time.

"Happy, Healthy, baking, first time expecting mummy's, 12 weeks to go, 12 days to go, fit pregnancies!" Duncan writes in the caption field of the photo.

How does Duncan get that enviable fit body? "My approach to my fitness now [that I'm] pregnant has been a slow progression of modifying exercise after exercise as I get further into my pregnancy," she tells People. "I've enjoyed training while pregnant and haven't felt like it's more effort—it's just a motherly instinct to taper particular movements as you feel the body change and ability lessen."

Duncan is clearly happy and healthy—and she has no time for pregnancy critics because of that.

"I'm 100 percent doing what is 100 percent safe for my baby and my body," she says. "What works for me may not work for the next pregnant lady... that is obvious."