Pregnant Woman to Compete in Pole Dancing Competion

A heavily pregnant woman is all set to compete in a pole dancing competition. While the move is definitely strong and gutsy, is it safe?

Pregnant Woman to Compete in Pole Dancing Competion Marina Bridger/Shutterstock

In a sea of viral videos featuring dancing pregnant woman, this story is a standout: Kat Bailey is all set to become Britain's first pregnant pole dancing competitor.

The 30-year-old—and her growing baby bump—will perform onstage at the competition on May 21, at which point she'll be seven months pregnant. This is pretty awesome because pole dancing is no easy feat to begin with—the strength, grace and control it demands are intense. Add pregnancy-induced exhaustion, a changing body and warped balance into the mix and you get a sense of how incredibly tough the sport must be for a pregnant woman.

How safe is it?

Bailey has vowed to practice throughout the duration of her pregnancy and while this is certainly incredibly admirable, is it safe?

According to one medical expert, it probably is—but she's adamant that Bailey (and any other pregnant women who wish to give pole dancing a whirl) should, well, exercise a lot of caution.

"As pregnancy progresses, the uterus grows and the center of gravity changes," Diana Hoppe, M.D., explained to Fit Pregnancy. "This can lead to more challenges with balance for many pregnant moms."

Pregnant women should be extremely careful if they do decide to pole dance—and pregnancy is not the right time to try this for the time. "With regard to pole dancing, balance is extremely important and being aware of this change in center of gravity is very important," Dr. Hoppe said.

Because every woman's body, fitness levels and pregnancy are different, it's important that you can get the green light from your personal doctor. "Always check with your physician before starting any new fitness program to make sure this activity is safe for you and your baby during pregnancy," Dr. Hoppe said.