Pregnant Woman Pole Dances Her Way Into Labor

This is one video you've got to see to believe!

Kat Bailey made a promise to herself when she got pregnant: She vowed to practice her beloved pole dancing until the very end of her pregnancy. And by "until the very end," she meant until her due date, which happens to be today.

Sure enough, Bailey made good on her promise. The dancer specifically wanted to complete a move called the "human flag," a challenging position that requires a dancer to hold herself horizontally on the pole, then lift her leg into a split in midair. 

The preggo managed to accomplish her exact goal yesterday—and she shared proof of it as well. Bailey recorded a video in which she hoisted herself on the pole easily, then lifted her leg with impressive flexibility and grace. "Ta-da! Baby can come now," she said after executing the move. And get this: The video was reportedly filmed right after Bailey's water broke!

As impressive as Bailey's feat was, we can't say we were totally surprised by it. After all, we previously reported that Bailey made headlines when she decided to partake in a pole dancing competition at seven months pregnant. On May 21, she did just that, and she landed in second place. "Pole dancing with a baby inside of you is a lot heavier and difficult, and we had to adapt the routine for health and safety reasons," Bailey said of the competition, which made her the first woman to compete on a professional level while in the final stage of pregnancy.

Ultimately, it was all worth it for the dancer: "It's a nice experience," she said, according to SWNS. "I think the baby could feel what I was feeling. Any time I got nervous the baby would react and when I was on stage, the baby didn't move once. I think the baby has got so used to it and it just goes to was a lovely experience that we both shared."

Bailey is not the first pregnant pole dancer we've seen. We also shared Jill McLean's story: Like Bailey, McLean kept up with her pole dancing throughout her pregnancy. Though most experts would say it's safe for experienced pole dancers to keep up with the sport (as long as they modify their routines and listen to their doctors), it's also important for other pregnant ladies to remember that pregnancy is not the time to try new workouts on for size.

"The way I see it is that it is just like weight training," Bailey said, according to SWNS. "Our doctors were very supportive. If you've done some​​thing for a while before you were pregnant, then keep on doing it. There are a lot of negative opinions out there and they're not justified. Take medical advice, listen to your own body and keep doing what you enjoy doing—don't let anyone tell you otherwise."