Pregnant Woman Will Quit Smoking With Enough Likes

A five-months pregnant woman has pledged to quit smoking...but only if she gets enough likes on her Facebook post. Guess a baby isn't incentive enough for her? Sigh.

Pregnant Woman Will Quit Smoking With Enough Likes Brooke Fasani/Getty Images

An anonymous woman posted an extremely controversial post on Facebook saying that she'd quit smoking if she earned 100 likes on the post by Friday. The most ridiculous part of the whole thing? This woman is allegedly five months pregnant.

A Reddit user posted the a screenshot of the post with the following text: "This chick is 5 months pregnant and badly needs to reevaluate her life..."

Not surprisingly, the social media move has been drawing a lot of criticism. "Call social services," one person replied. Another Reddit user pointed out that she "[w]on't quit for the sake of her unborn child, but attention on the internet might be the push she needs."

Obviously, a pregnant woman should always try to do what's best for her unborn child. She shouldn't need anyone else to encourage her to do what's best for her baby—let alone 100 random Facebook users. But this particular move begs the question: If the outcome is good (in this case, that means if the mom-to-be actually does quit smoking) are the, shall we say, sketchy methods of eliciting them worthwhile?

We think we know where you'll fall on liking the concept of this Facebook post—but would you literally "like" the photo just to encourage this woman to make a move that could drastically improve her child's health?

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