Prepare To Be Mesmerized by This Eight-Months-Pregnant Yogi

Saranlux "Wah" Wunjina will give you major #fitspo.

Saranlux "Wah" Wunjina Yoga Instagram

Saranlux "Wah" Wunjina is a yoga teacher who happens to be eight months pregnant—a fact that doesn't stop her from practicing. The Thai-born yogi, who now teaches in the Netherlands, is earning lots of attention for the jaw-dropping Instagram posts she shares, which feature her twisting into impressive yoga poses, all with a fully-grown baby bump. 

Wunjina practices tricky balance poses (just check out the video below for proof!), displaying truly impressive flexibility and strength despite the fact that her body is changing on a daily basis. The 5-foot-3-inch mom-to-be has gained a healthy 25 pounds through her pregnancy and looks fantastic.

The yoga expert says she's been practicing throughout her whole pregnancy—except for the first 12 weeks, during which she laid low to ensure her baby's safety. Since then, she's been reaping all the benefits yoga has to offer, telling followers that while her flexibility has decreased a bit, yoga has helped ease her back pain, brings her calm, and will likely make childbirth easier

Sure, she's received some flack from pregnancy shamers, but she won't let it get to her. "I've gotten some negative comments on Instagram and Facebook—even from my mom," Wunjina says of her critics, according to "I can't say what is right or wrong, but I know my body and myself. It's my personal practice."

The key word here is "personal"—prenatal yoga is generally deemed safe and encouraged for pregnant women, but Wunjina's advanced moves definitely aren't for the uninitiated! If you're interesting in trying yoga or any new exercise regimen while pregnant, have a talk with your doctor first.

In the meantime, check out some more of Wunjina's awe-inspiring videos: