10.2.09: 37 Weeks Pregnant


I made it! I’ve passed the 37 week mark, and have cleared the final hurdle to deliver at the birth center. Now that I’m considered to be "at term" and am officially in the clear, I'm gearing up to go.
I’ve packed my tennis balls in a tube sock, the baby’s going-home clothes, my nursing bras and nipple ointment. I’ve loaded up our iPod with some soothing tunes and some favorite songs to take my mind off labor. I’ve been re-reading my Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and reviewing positions to try during labor. I’ve got food packed for the birth center (I love that they actually encourage you to bring some healthy snacks to sustain you through labor—no ice chips here.) I’ve been prepping Will on how I need him to help me during the delivery. (This mainly involves instructions like: “Can you rub my back… a LOT?” and “When I tell you I can’t do it anymore, can you say: “Yes, you can. You are doing it. You’re going to be pushing soon.”)
I’ve officially wrapped things up at work, and things are all set up for the baby at home. The car seat is waiting by the front door. The baby’s clothes are washed, folded, and put away in the drawers. Tiny little newborn diapers are stacked on our changing table. We’ve got the swing and the bouncy seats and the bassinet all set up. My mom has even arrived to help with Julia and Charlie when we go into labor, and we’ve got grandparents, neighbors, and friends waiting in the wings with offers of more help, too.
I hope I’m not inviting an overdue baby by writing this, but: We’re ready. I’m ready. I can officially go into labor any time now…Annnnnnnnnny time now…
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