Reddit Users Step in to Help Pregnant Woman Through a Terrifying Situation

This Redditor shared a chilling story—and it took an even more terrifying turn when commenters intervened to help her through it.

pregnant woman reddit Demkat/Shutterstock
 A pregnant Reddit user and her husband found themselves in a strange, scary situation, and they didn't know where to turn. They took to the platform to seek some help—and that move just may have saved them for a truly terrifying fate.

"I'm twenty-nine years old, happily married, my husband and I are college-educated, have respectable, stable jobs, own a home in a nice neighborhood...we're basically as prepared as anyone can be to start a family. I'm almost nine months pregnant with our first child," the user wrote in a Reddit post. "The problem is that eleven years ago, when my husband was a freshman in college, he was arrested for possession of marijuana. It was a large enough amount that he was charged with a Class D felony (our jurisdiction is very harsh regarding marijuana), but not intent to deal. He plead guilty and did his time and probation without a problem, passing every drug test along the way. He has not touched marijuana (or any other illegal substance) since, and we rarely even drink (and haven't at all in over a year). I have no criminal record, and have never done drugs myself. It was a stupid mistake he made as a foolish eighteen-year-old, and he's worked hard to put it behind him."

But it appeared that the problem couldn't fully be left behind: The user posted about a bizarre encounter with Child Services, who allegedly sent a representative to the couple's door to search the couple's home, interrogate them and—most frightening of all—threaten that their child could be taken from them right after delivery. The rep reportedly told the couple that there had been a report of their current drug use, and that's why they were being investigated.

But a fellow Reddit user stepped in to warn the poster that something fishy might have gone down in a comment on the original post. 

"I am a former Indiana CPS investigator/assessor," the commenter wrote. "Something here is not making any sense at all, unless the law has changed greatly in the last few years when I left the department. As of this moment you are pregnant correct? You don't have any children? They are investigating the fetus?"

This comment—and some other responses that followed—prompted the original poster to look deeper into the issue, and what she found was incredibly disturbing. She posted an update on the situation. 

"I contacted and met with a lawyer, and explained the situation to him. He seemed to agree that something was very fishy. To make a long story short, the woman 'handling our case' has no affiliation with DCS. I'm still in complete shock. We went straight to the police. They're taking this very seriously. I can't give a lot of details because it's an ongoing investigation, but she seems to have been a very skilled/well-researched liar. I never would have known anything was amiss without the advice of this subreddit and the intervention of my attorney. I feel like a complete idiot, but the instinct to cooperate unquestioningly when faced with an intimidating 'authority figure' is strong,'" the original poster wrote.

Luckily, the pregnant woman who posted this seems to be fine (she shared that she and her husband are staying with family until the situation resolves itself), but wow. How scary is this? Once again, it looks like it's Reddit to the rescue.