Scared to Wear a Bikini Postpartum? Listen to What This Fierce Mom Has to Say

She's been called out for appearing too fit, but that doesn't mean she's immune to body insecurities. 

Chontel Duncan is in phenomenal shape. We can all agree on that, right? The social media star is so chiseled, she became the victim of some really unfair criticism for appearing "too small" during her pregnancy. 

We're so impressed by Duncan—not just because of her obvious commitment to fitness and healthy living, but also because she defended her pregnancy body like a boss. But as it turns out, even women as fit and body confident as Duncan have those days. The trainer experienced that weird, warped thing that happens to almost every mother after delivery: That moment when she realizes her body might never be exactly the same as it was before she became pregnant

For Duncan, who welcomed her son 17 weeks ago, the experience came while she was shopping for bikinis. She shared a post (complete with a mirror selfie that put her unbelievable abs on full display) about her own body insecurities and how they surfaced. 

“The styles I’d normally snatch up didn’t fit the way they usually would," she wrote. "The boobs weren’t as perky and my [tush] not so round and full. I’m not saying at all that I felt disappointed, uncomfortable, gross or self-conscious. I just felt different, I walk[ed] out NOT buying the bikinis.”

That could have been the end of the story, but then something amazing happened. One of Duncan's friends commented on the photo above saying that she loved Duncan's body, and it caused the fitness star to take pause. Sure, her body doesn't look the same as it did before pregnancy (seriously, it's still AMAZING, can we all agree?!), but your body isn't supposed to be the same.

"I was still being negative on myself and not giving myself, or should I say 'my body,' the credit it deserves for all the hard work it's done: Growing a human for almost 40 weeks, creating life, having major abdominal surgery, feeding my son for now four months and all of those sessions in the gym it's been through," she said. "Sometimes even fitness folks get caught up in silly expectation bulls*** and let the pressure get to them."

We say whether you're rocking a one-piece, bikini or T-shirt on the beach, you should be proud, mama!