See Husband Shock Wife with Pregnancy News

Popular Texas-based YouTube celebrity couple, Sam and Nia, switch roles in this hilarious take on a pregnancy reveal video.

See Husband Shock Wife with Pregnancy News Sam and Nia/YouTube

Alright Mama, we need your help on this one. We can't decide if we would laugh or get a little annoyed if our husbands played this pregnancy prank on us.

Terrell, Texas-based parents Sam and Nia have a popular Youtube vlogging series and are proud parents to two children. They've been together since high school, and likely, know each other well. So well, in fact, that Sam had a gut feeling that his wife might be pregnant with another baby for a while, and when she revealed her period was two weeks late, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Or rather, into the toilet.

He waited until Nia had gone to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and knowing she never flushes in case she wakes the babies, he brought a dropper and a pregnancy test and saw the two positive lines ... without her suspecting a thing. He then (obviously) freaks out and takes the camera into the kitchen, and reveals the news. No one believes him at first and his kids even correct him when he pulls out the pregnancy test—"Only mommies can get pregnant, daddy!"—but when Nia figures out his detective work, she starts to cry. And of course, scold him for not letting her be the first one to find out. While it's very early to announce a pregnancy—most recommend waiting until the end of the first trimester—when it comes to baby-on-the-way reveals, this one is definitely different than the rest.

What do you think? Would you be upset? Shocked? The verdict is still out, but this video is sure to make you cry.