Setting Up The Nursery

6.10.10 Week 30

dwell studio for target kate blog.jpg

The heartburn. Oh my god, the heartburn. Let’s focus on something else, shall we? (Impossible, but I’ll try.) At least the crazy shimmying going on in my belly implies that the baby is having a good time!

I am progressing steadily on the nursery, which has helped me avoid focusing on filling in my registry with the confusing variety of things we need for actual baby care. We assembled the crib and dresser (both easy, both look great) from Ikea, as well as a low bookcase with vegetable-bin cubbies at the bottom, from Target. That wasn’t easy to assemble, and required a lot of shoving around to get the holes to line up, but it looks cute.

Last week, I mentioned my confusion over organic mattresses, and exactly how much you have to spend to get a good product. Extra-helpful reader Christina said she’d found one at Costco, under the L.A. Baby brand, which intrigued me. Sure enough, Costco has two L.A. Baby organic mattresses, and their prices are amazing even after you add on the slight fee for not having a membership. With tax and the non-member’s fee (shipping was free) I paid about $185 for the higher-end model. It should arrive Friday, and I’m excited to check it out. I definitely wasn’t seeing coconut fiber and natural latex in other under-$400 options... The reviews on the site were all raves aside from a couple questions about it running big and not fitting in some cribs. Fingers crossed!

I still feel pretty good (heartburn aside), but I’ve noticed a major increase in exhaustion over the past week or two. I’m glad we have gotten the furniture purchases out of the way so that I can turn my attention to the fun stuff: Prints for the walls, a little DIY project on the lampshade, etc. Crib bedding is one other place that I’ve gotten a bit tangled up...The nursery has grey walls and I always planned to use orange and white as my accents, regardless of whether we had a boy or girl. The challenge is finding reasonably-priced bedding with a predominantly orange color scheme, or at least one that doesn’t suddenly make the whole room read as pale blue or green with tiny bits of orange. I ordered a set from Target’s DwellStudio line, hoping against hope that a little helicopter blanket I’d found in the store was an accurate representation of the colors. No luck. The orange on the bedding is indeed a much paler, more yellowish color than I’d wanted. See the photo for a side-by-side color comparison. But the price is right and the pattern is cute, so for now it’s my best bet. I want something graphic and not very babyish.

Does anyone have experience with the pricy DwellStudio bedding (which comes in at a cool $385 for the set; yikes!) versus bedding from the big box stores? I haven’t found many patterns I like, but the perfection of DwellStudio’s Transportation set is seriously offset by that price tag. If only I had the time and, um, sewing machine to make something myself!

Kate Flaim is a freelance journalist and food blogger based in Cambridge, Mass. When she's not cooking or writing, she is gearing up for the arrival of her first child this summer.