Sleep Training, part three: The Compromise

12.23.10 17 weeks old

adventures in babyland bassinet cover blog.jpg

Well, we gave it a good try. Nights regressed a bit since last week, and we let him cry again one night, but since then he’s gone down without any problem and slept like a log until 6 or so the next morning. He’s so sweet: I love watching him sleep now that he’s not swaddled. When he stirs he lifts his legs ALL the way up in the air, and flings his arms around, then lets them drop down oh-so-slowly.

I tried to stick to my guns with naps, but my gut told me it just wasn’t working. While night wasn’t an issue, he’d started getting gunshy about his crib during the day. I remembered The Baby Whisperer talking about that, and I decided to try a modified version of her approach for naps. The Pick-Up/Put-Down thing didn’t work at all (my back gave out after 10 minutes and Tucker was hysterical), but first I tried to show him the crib was a good place, by putting him in it during play time and sitting there with him. Then I used the BW tip, sitting with him on my lap for ten minutes before putting him down for a nap. He fights it at first, then suddenly passes out at around nine minutes, especially if I breathe really deeply (and kind of loudly). We’ll see if a week or two of consistency with calm, peaceful naps turns into an easier time relaxing for him.

We just got back from Tucker’s four-month appointment and vaccinations, and he’s sleeping them off in the car seat. He is pushing 18 pounds, and he was a trooper with the shots. He cried for a minute but calmed down as soon as Ben picked him up, stayed quiet (and even smiled at the doctor) until we left, then passed out after five minutes in the car. Such a good boy.

I’m excited for Tucker’s first Christmas, though I know he won’t remember anything about it! I ordered him some new toys, all from Haba, a German wooden toy brand that gets rave reviews. I’m especially fond of Flapsi, which looks like a little caterpillar and makes a fantastic sound when it moves, and Max, a similar clacking/elastic toy that can attach to the stroller. A web shop called Mini Mishka had the best prices I could find, and I got everything about three days after I ordered it. In addition to a few outfits, I also got Tucker a couple new books. We have read Hippos Go Berserk about twice a day for the last month; I added some more Boynton, including the hilarious Belly Button Book.

Last week I wrote about the cozy stroller situation Tucker gets to cuddle into now that the weather is turning bad. We tested the arrangement in the snow this week and it passed with flying colors, though pushing up hills in the snow is a real workout for me! The stroller’s bassinet has a cover that flips down from the hood, and another cover that velcros over the opening so he’s pretty much encased. The way it’s designed, even with snow blowing all over and piling up on the stroller not one flake made it in. And I was thrilled to find that he was nice and toasty when I got him out at home. He missed the walks entirely, actually, because he slept the whole time. And who can blame him?

Merry Christmas!

Kate Flaim is a freelance journalist and food blogger based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.