Soccer Star Epically Slams Pregnancy Shamers

Sydney Leroux had the perfect response to social media commenters who questioned her decision to go tubing while pregnant.

In today's installment of "why can't people keep their opinions to themselves?" news, soccer star Sydney Leroux (who happens to be pregnant) was on the receiving end of some serious criticism after posting a photo of herself tubing on a lake with her husband—which led to all sorts of questions about the safety of the activity and comments suggesting she was putting her baby's life in danger. 

Beautiful day on the lake! ☀️😘

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The U.S. National Women's Team forward—who is married to English soccer player Dom Dwyerreceived comments along the lines of, "She’s still pregnant though. Is that really the safest thing to do?” One commenter went so far as to tell her she was going to "kill [her] baby."

Obviously, women should always take precautions when pregnant. And the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists does recommend against water skiing during pregnancy, as well as activities that could result in a fall, though it doesn't specifically mention tubing. But there's no way for anyone commenting on social media to know how fast the boat pulling Leroux's tube was (or wasn't) going, and whether or not the activity was truly dangerous. Nor do we know if she had her doctor's approval. 

So here's the thing: Deciding what a pregnant woman should do with her body and her life isn't up to some random Instagram user, it's for the woman herself to figure out with the help of her doctor. Several other followers seemed to agree with this idea, jumping to the star's defense with comments like “…If you’re not a doctor, get outta here with your negativity,” and “she can do what she wants it’s her baby and her life.”

It looks like Leeroux is perfectly capable of standing up for herself, though. The athlete posted a direct—yet totally classy—response to the haters alongside a photo in which she's standing in front of the lake, bump on display. 

“It’s unfortunate that I have to say something, but after a number of comments like: ‘you’re going to give birth to a dead fetus’ or ‘you just killed your baby’ I have to remind you that this is MY body. MY body is the body that is creating life. MY body is the one that has stretch marks and cellulite and varicose veins and sore hips and back pain that runs down my legs. MY body is the body that is tired and sore and emotional and the happiest it’s ever been," she wrote. “So if I want to jump in a pool, go on a tube and slowly ride around with my husband, dance like an idiot or work out I am absolutely going to. Leave your awful comments to yourself and let me enjoy MYSELF and MY body the way I want to.”