Special Deliveries: "I Delivered My Own Baby"

Dawn Field could only make it as far as the bathroom when her contractions started coming strong and hard one night. While her husband, Jack, ran to the phone to call 9-1-1, she gave birth to daughter Lydia on her own.


My name is dawn fields and I gave birth to my daughter Lydia in the the bathroom. Think it was about 11 o'clock at night I decided I'm gonna take a shower because it's now starting. Team feel light sleeper I knew things were not going according to plan as soon as I hit that living room to lower the contractions team strong. And hard. And they were one after another and during her midnight sat down my water broke. She sent that the baby's head started to crowd. And to whom Ronnie gets involved he won't from the down there about it when he tries steps. To get the phone dialed 911. Walked back to the bathroom I stood out. Pulled her out senate can't doubt instead and yes he did. I got some who signed the birth certificate as the one who delivers her. How many people actually get to say it delivered their own baby by themselves to think that it. I could not be more proud the way she handled. That's going without panic very calm he was very impressive if you really strong and really. Listen Howard that I. I could do that and I think that.

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