Special Deliveries: "I Gave Birth During a Hurricane"

Tamar Weinstock was one of more than 300 patients to be evacuated from NYU’s Langone Medical Center during Hurricane Sandy. She gave birth to son Stone in the dark after the hospital lost power, and was then strapped to a sled and carried down eight flights of stairs to an ambulance that took her family, with its newest addition, to Mount Sinai Hospital.


My name is tomorrow I'm stuck and I eat very tonight cents down. In the deck Jiang sandy. When my water broke. That I had the worst possible timing I got a phone call from. My son we need heart canes coming. I said OK I'm getting in the continent coming get your take it to the hospital in the water was already starting to pile up. I can't expensed as I can be jumped into the current weakness in the past. Everything felt functioning normally we planned interior delivery ground and started to race. The storm was coming we didn't have for an hurt digits or let things take the natural course so. Day and started to induce labor that. Some serious tax act and start but it was fun. Emergencies like many makes slight. And it is really talk to each his million hardly. There and that's a point where it anymore that I had better around. Then it's sort of making fun my husband led. A free labor and delivery partner. I can see him Hank I mean and it's why you pushed me it. Baby crying. Looking at him for the first time. Very emotional. It seemed like he was in the airport to. Somebody came in like a catch fence. He carried weekend lately there have been partners carry the baby can't stand it would start since their last night. When it was our time let it went ahead and again and then let. On the right tibia and. Eventually we got into it patent a hospital room that's kind of a first rate of take a deep threat. As we began to start hearing what's happening outside we heard that our home hadn't been affected. You're one of the lucky lines and we sent look at it here at home. And I would never planting immigrant and hurt came in the back. But we find it together as a family through that and we wouldn't change yeah.

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