Special Deliveries: "I Gave Birth in the Back of an SUV"

When Tiffany Modeste’s contractions started coming faster and faster early one morning, her husband, Andre, rushed her to the hospital, but son Mason was impatient. They made it to the hospital and Andre ran in for help, but when he returned Tiffany was already holding Mason in the backseat.


My name is Tiffany my best and I gave birth to my son Mason in the backseat. Of my asking me. I had sleepless nights I was going to get really completely. Lower after midnight she was asleep but. I consider my turn. It was just an uncomfortable. And makes them so that's when I decided to. Bomb might not tagged him ala doesn't like here in early labor and land and I find it hard you know you can head over to the hospital. And as soon as you go through phone it is. Spent a night game we have to get out of hand because these publicity is coming. So each of the political means no ripped to the thigh and holding as the currency. In heat like this fees can be coming and I'm feeling some pain. In my mind I know that I know I haven't seen me I am not imagine that I'm feeling only eat. So would go to the hospital that's inside. Of that right now my. I remember seeing him go through the sliding away I had reached. We do in the school and she's pollutants and. Anyone who I think they were all in shock. Yeah I feel honored actually. That it happened in it and I got to meet my son. You know he loses yes. You really don't know what you're capable than you and seeing you know the patient and you know you're strong and also that. Parliament.

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