Stormy Weather

23 Weeks Old.

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Oof, what a week. Ben was traveling on business all week, so I was on my own. It is amazing what a difference it makes, especially since Ben usually doesn't get home until right before Tucker goes to bed, and leaves around when he gets up in the morning. But somehow it really helps knowing that if there is a middle-of-the-night waking and I can't get T back down, I have backup. (Plus adult conversation in the hours between his bedtime and ours!) And the nights when Ben gets home in time for Tucker's bath are so much easier. Sleep has been all over the place, with a low point Tuesday night, when Tucker woke up screaming at 8, 12:45 and 4:30. At 4:30 I couldn't get him back down until 5:45, even then it was only in bed with me.

Lesson learned from two mornings like that: When I get him back to sleep at 5:30 or 6? That's the morning nap. Sunday night we slept until 9 (he was up for almost two hours in the night, pooping, spitting up, getting complete changes of clothes, etc.) and Wednesday until 8, and each day was then totally shot in terms of naps. He refused to go down until close to noon, then wouldn't nap later in the day...Wednesday he was awake for 5.5 hours before I got him to snooze in my arms for half an hour before bath time.

It isn't helping my mental state that he has been a poop machine for a week now—there's a bit of a stomach bug going around, and after one day of fever last week, he's perfectly happy except for the fact that he's filling his diaper constantly. It's worst in the morning; I'll change him and then 20 minutes later he fills it up again.

The topper on a very draining week has been this ridiculous weather. I'm watching MORE snow fall right now, despite weather reports claiming it's partly cloudy at the moment, and not predicting any snow today. The sidewalks are now impassable with a stroller, and my back keeps going out, which makes carrying him in the Ergo a bit challenging. I'm doing it anyway, though, because we're both going nuts being stuck inside. OH SPRING, WHERE ARE YOU? I honestly don't know if the snow will melt before late April; the piles from the snowplows are taller than I am on the big streets!

We're heading south tomorrow for a week in Florida (where it's supposed to rain the entire time), so at least we're escaping briefly.

Ok, sorry to be such a Debbie Downer. Do you ever have weeks that just seem to suck the life out of you?


A bright point this week was the arrival of Tucker's new best friend, the jumperoo. (Oddly the price has gone up $15 in the week since I bought it. Huh.) Tucker *loves* standing up on our laps or with us supporting him on the floor. He's even been supporting himself against things recently, though he can't get himself into the standing position on his own yet. I figured he'd get a kick (literally) out of the jumper, since it would let him pick where he wants to look, etc. I was really hoping to use it in the kitchen while I cooked, but when it arrived I discovered that the molding around the kitchen doors is too tall, so the clip doesn't fit. I just barely squeaked it over the molding around the living room doors, thank goodness!

Tucker went crazy for the thing. The second time he was in it he had it all figured out, and he has developed a hilarious jig-style move, where he slumps slightly so one leg is reaching further down than the other, then jumps in a circle, keeping that foot on the ground and pumping the other one in the air. I have been shooting a lot of video.

He's also been even more mouthy than usual—in addition to sticking everything *in* his mouth, he's gotten a lot more aggressive about chewing over the last few weeks. (Maybe some of the excess pooping is from the extra saliva from teething?) It took him a while to warm up to Sophie the Giraffe but now he loves jamming her feet in his mouth or gnawing on the narrow part of the back. Or her head. Or just basically flinging her around. His other favorite teether is the "Animal" from Philips Avent. It was one of the first things he liked to hold onto, even before the Winkel entered our lives, but recently he's been going to town on that thing, chewing on the little knob or on the whole handle like an ear of corn.

And I have to report: On normal days without a weird early, early morning, his morning nap has FINALLY consolidated (knock wood!)—usually it's about an hour and twenty minutes, but some days he's hit two hours!


I'm apprehensive and curious about the Florida trip. I hope his sleep is a little better than it was in Vermont, and I'm not quite clear on how to handle things like, say, eating dinner when he goes to bed at 7 and we're all staying in one hotel room! One of my friends said they did her daughter's whole bedtime routine, put her down in the crib in the hotel room and waited until she was really asleep, then transferred her to the stroller, covered it with a blanket, and just went out. Worth a try, right? Wish us luck!

Kate Flaim is a freelance journalist and food blogger based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.