Struggling Mom Shamed for Buying Formula at Target

Can we just stop judging mothers for their choices already? You never know a person's true story.

Grocery Store Aisle Filled with Formula and Baby Products ValeStock/Shutterstock
There's no shortage of evidence to support the idea that breastfeeding offers up innumerable benefits for a baby. There's also no shortage of controversy surrounding the act: breastfeeding mothers are regularly shamed, especially when they—gasp—feed their children in public.

But it's not just breastfeeding moms who are at risk for endless criticism. Take Annie Ferguson Muscato, a new mom from Florida who found herself the victim of mommy shaming during a routine shopping trip to her local Target. She was buying a can of formula for her baby when another customer felt the need to inform her that "breast is best."

Now, it's not wrong to believe that breastfeeding is the best form of nutrition for a baby—but it's certainly not right to impose your beliefs on other moms, especially since you really can't know another person's story. To prove that point, Muscato posted a moving message on her Facebook page. 

"You didn't need to tell me, 'breast is best' as I was buying a can of baby formula, because I already know," Muscato posted before going into detail about her personal struggles with breastfeeding, including trying to console a screaming baby who just would not take to her milk—despite the mom-to-be and her husband taking a four-hour breastfeeding class and hiring multiple lactation consultants. It just goes to show that we should never judge other moms for their choices. There may be a story there you never could have imagined.