Summer Wrap-Up

09.09.11 Standing solo


Good Lord, is this boy busy. Lots has happened in the last couple weeks, including our first attempt at an overnight trip *without* Tuck. Hurricane Irene swept in while B and I were in Bermuda for our 5th anniversary, and we had to scramble to get home before the airports closed, to avoid being away for five nights instead of the planned two. Luckily we made it home (we literally talked our way onto a private plane headed to Connecticut with two extra seats!), and were able to continue on to New Hampshire for our annual lake vacation.

We were staying at a wonderful old family camp in a cabin with friends who have two older boys (2.5 and 3.5), and Tuck was mesmerized watching them. By the end of the week he was letting go of the coffee table to stand on his own, and he’d even tried coloring. (Which led to the 3.5-year-old saying morosely, “Maybe I could get another baby who doesn’t tear?”) The kids were adorable with him; they quickly figured out his favorite books and toys and would bring them over when he was frustrated. He loved the lake, especially since there are lots of rocks along the shore and he could pick them up and put them into his bucket, take them out, repeat ad infinitum. Food-wise, the meals are terrific, served cafeteria-style but much, much better quality. One morning Tuck ate FOUR pieces of french toast! Pancakes and waffles were a big hit, too. Anything non-starchy? Not so much.

Our friends gave Tuck an awesome toy for his birthday, the Daisy Maxi. It’s a soft plastic pegboard with a bunch of big, bright pegs that can be stacked or used to make patterns. Very open-ended and lots of fun; Tuck’s first favorite thing was to use a single peg as a beak and crawl around with it in his mouth. (They’re too big to swallow and have air holes.)

We’ve officially consolidated to one nap a day, which is easier some days than others. He generally sleeps for about three hours, but there are mornings when it’s really hard to push through until lunch; he’s exhausted and is getting more and more prone to enraged yelling, but I still think the single nap is better since he was refusing to sleep at all when I was putting him down for two. On the upside, we have all morning to go do stuff. Tuesday we went to the aquarium, and yesterday we finally got to do a singalong at the library. I’ve signed up for a music class and am looking into swimming lessons.

I know I need to expand the number of classes or drop-in play groups we’re part of after this week’s bad weather preview. It’s rained every day and cabin fever has set in—today during a brief lull in the rain I took him to a little park near our house and let him get all wet and sandy, crawling around and splashing in puddles. He screamed his head off when I tried to put him back in the stroller, and even demonstrated his new patented I’m-A-Toddler move, the arched back that so handily prevents being seated in high chairs, strollers, laid down on changing tables, etc. Anyone have any tips for coping with this sort of thing?

Also, I’m in the market for some rain pants.

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