Super Fit Mom Deadlifts 155 Pounds During Third Trimester

This super-fit pregnant woman sticks to her usual intense workout routine even at the end of her pregnancy—you won't believe how much weight she lifts!

Super Fit Mom Deadlifts 155 Pounds During Third Trimester emilybreeze/Instagram

Dang, mama! Emily Breeze is a CrossFit enthusiast and trainer, so it's no surprise that she stayed super fit throughout her pregnancy—but even in light of that, we're blown away by the weight Breeze was able to deadlift during her pregnancy.

The fact that Breeze continued to compete with her CrossFit team while she was pregnant is impressive enough—it's all even more impressive when you consider that she deadlifted a whopping 155 pounds for 55 reps. Oh, and she was in her 34th week of pregnancy when she did this.

Now, Breeze's story is obviously incredible and inspirational—but it's important to remember that it's her story. Breeze is in phenomenal shape, which is why it's probably perfectly safe and healthy for her to be exerting herself to this point during pregnancy. Put it this way: Breeze can deadlift 325 pounds when she's not pregnant.

"My one-rep max on dead-lift is 325 pounds, so 155 is less than 50 percent of my one-rep max," Breeze told Us Weekly. "The 155 pound dead-lift would not be considered too heavy for me. I'm working at 50 percent of my normal pre-pregnancy 100 percent."

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Wow! Finished the 2016 @crossfitgames open !! 🙌🏽💪🏽👌🏽✌🏾️ Week 5 at #35weekspregnant and we had to re-test a workout from 2 years ago!! In 2014 I completed this workout in 9:50 and I loved it. Today not so much. This workout combines two of my favorite movements : THRUSTERS AND BURPEES but this lil baby boy inside my belly made me feel super slowwww and sluggish! 💙👶🏾 Happy I was able to compete each week with my teammates and watch them crush the workouts!! Next big workout---> delivering this baby boy!!! 💁🏽💙👶🏾😘 📢 good luck to all the other pregnant ladies throwing down for this workout!!! #allmyheart #athletemommy #babyboy #babybump #birthfit #clt #cltfitness #charlotte #charlottenc #dowhatyoulove #dontgiveup #earnyourbody #fitdontquit #fitpregnancy #crossfit #crossfitlife #crossfitgames #intheopen #crossfitgirls #noexcuses #goaldigger #healthiswealth #healthymomhealthybaby #motivation #friyay #pregnantbelly #pregnantlife #thirdtrimester #thrusters

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Breeze is in her final month of pregnancy—she and her husband, Montell Watson, plan to welcome their son on April 29. She's been committed to CrossFit sessions, Olympic lifting and metabolic conditioning even in the home stretch of her pregnancy—but even she is worried about "bouncing back" post pregnancy. Somehow, we think anyone with her level of fitness and commitment will be just fine.

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#flashbackfriday What a difference an entire year makes. The picture on the left motivates me but also terrifies me. Will my body every go back to the same pre-baby weight? I have never been into strict eating but I am sure it's going to take a lot to bounce back. Today, I'm wondering if this big baby belly of mine can do a bar muscle up.. Are any of you pregnant crossfit moms trying one today? I quit doing all muscle ups around 17 weeks...ill keep ya posted! @rpstrength fingers crossed you will help my mom bod🙏🏽👌🏽👶🏾 #athletemommy #babybump #bunintheoven #babyboy #clt #cltfitness #charlotte #dontgiveup #earnyourbody #fitpregnancy #healthymomhealthybaby #missingmycore #mypregnantlife #noexcuses #pregnantbelly #crossfit #crossfitmoms #crossfitgames #intheopen #whatmotivatesyou #happyfriday #riseup #risingnation #33weekspregnant #birthfit

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For now, Breeze is focusing on finishing out her pregnancy in the healthiest way possible. "People who don't know me write the craziest things [on my Instagram]," she says. "I am completely baffled that people would think I'd do anything that would harm my baby ... but I won't allow someone's uneducated opinion to deter my doctor-approved fitness regime during my pregnant."

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