Supermom Breastfeeds at Comic Con, Making Her the Truest Hero There

Talk about a nursing hero! This mama breastfed her baby (in full costume, no less!) at a Comic Con event.

Just call Sara Campbell-Hernandez "Supermom." 

Campbell-Hernandez and her husband. Rudy, attended Comic Con with her son and stepdaughter in tow—and when her son needed to be fed, Campbell-Hernandez did what any supermom would do: She found a quiet space within the event and breastfed him. Luckily, her husband was on hand to capture an image that essentially sums up what it means to be a breastfeeding mom: A woman who can feed her child no matter where she is or what she's wearing, and who is a real hero to her baby.

The family dressed up in Avengers costumes for the event (the mother went as the Black Widow and her son as Captain America), and when the baby's shield fell over his face as he nursed, Campbell-Hernandez's husband knew he had to capture the image. He shared the photo with Breastfeeding Mama Talk's Facebook page along with the caption: "This is my wife at Comic Con. 'Even Superheroes need to refuel.'"

The image has garnered nearly 10,000 social media reactions and has been shared 350 times. Fellow moms shared that they have nursed their babies while in costume. "I was a Zombie [for Halloween]. When baby got hungry I literally ripped my shirt down the middle (had a tank on under haha). But it only enhanced the costume when she was done nursing!!" one mom shared. 

Campbell-Hernandez weighed in to the discussion as well: "Thanks y'all. The Black Widow costume worked perfectly and I made sure my catsuit was a zip front for this very reason!" she wrote.