Surviving the Holidays with Three Kids

12-11-08: Shelley's Holiday Do's and Don'ts List


Don't buy lots of junky toys. Do make special gifts: baby blanket for David, apron for Elise, scrapbook for Julia

Don't be too uptight. Do buy a few junky toys.

Don't exchange gifts with grownups. Do prepare a wonderful meal. Have each person bring something delicious.

Don't stress over a group photo for annual Christmas card. Do upload individual snapshots of the kids and make an online card.

Don't pig out on holiday cookies and eggnog. Do eat lots of Clementine oranges and pomegranates.

Don't wait in line for Santa at the mall. Do go on an outdoor sleigh ride.

Don't buy the baby a bunch of presents. Do let him star as baby Jesus in the church Christmas pageant.

Don't stay up late buying last minute gifts online. Do stay up late and cuddle with your husband by the fire.

Don't forget the dog. Do buy chewy toys and biscuits.

Don't feel as if you have to do a bazillion holiday crafts with the girls. Do blast Christmas music as often as possible.

Don't worry if everything isn't perfect. Do remember the true spirit of the season. Do savor all the little moments with the kids. And, finally, Do keep my heart and door open to those who might need a kind hug and warm place to rest.