Teacher Works on Lesson Plan While in Labor, Goes Viral

A photo of a teacher putting together her lesson plans while she's all set to give birth in a delivery room is going viral. Talk about a multitasking mama!

If motherhood is all about multitasking, Jennifer Pope is off to an amazing start. The new mom went viral after a photo of her working inside the delivery room went viral for good reason: Pope, a teacher, was working on a lesson plan for her students right before she gave birth. The image doesn't just speak volumes about how dedicated teachers are to their students; it also makes an important point about what pregnant women are capable of accomplishing. Yes, even while they're battling contractions!

The photo was taken by Andrea McDonald of Rooted in Love Photography, who shared the image on her Facebook page

"No, she is not doing her taxes," McDonald wrote of Pope. "Those papers would be her lesson plans her husband is about to go drop off with her sub in the parking lot. Also, next week is Teacher Appreciation Week here in Texas. Spoil them rotten because even in labor, they care. No lie, she gave birth less than an hour later."

We caught up with Pope, who gave us a bit of background on the photo. "I went into labor two weeks early and had not quite finalized all of my lesson plans for my second grade class to follow while I'm away on maternity leave," she told Fit Pregnancy. "I have a great support system at my school, but I'm the only second grade teacher, and therefore I wanted to make sure my class was taken care of and had the smoothest transition possible while I was gone."

Like so many working mothers out there, Pope was simply doing what needed to be done, and she never expected the photo to gain so much attention. "The amount of attention the photo has received has been overwhelming! I knew other teachers most likely would relate, because that's how teachers are—we care about our students in any circumstance," she said. "But the encouragement and words of gratitude from people all over has really been amazing."