Tear-Jerker Video Preps Parents-to-Be for Baby

This awesome viral video counts down the 10 things to know before having a baby and they're not what you think. Get ready to feel happy and sad at the same time.

Tear-Jerker Video Preps Parents-to-Be for Baby Extra Space Storage/YouTube

If you're feeling at all hormonal today, we suggest you think twice before watching the video below: It might have you quietly weeping into your keyboard.

If you're already a mom, you know that nothing can quite prepare you for being a parent, and Extra Space Storage just nails that feeling by showcasing interviews with a dozen families about what they wish they knew before they had a baby.

We can all relate to the copious amount of mom-to-mom advice everyone gives you—that, let's be real, changes depending on who you talk to—along with the lack of sleep that comes with the first few months.

Because it's a storage company, they (of course) suggest keeping the sentimental things and remind us that babies come with a heck of a lot of stuff (i.e., that probably needs storing, hint hint). While that's true, we think being a minimalist parent who keeps one handprint turkey instead of eight, is just fine too.

Whatever you take away from this, we love the sweet sentiments and the diversity of the families—including a real moving moment where a mom talks about losing her disabled child.

Our favorite message is the last one: love. Of all the things becoming a parent does to someone, schooling you in the art of unconditional love is pretty far up there.