Teen Nurses at Her Wedding, Makes a Great Point About Young Mothers

A teen mom shared a sweet shot of herself breastfeeding at her own wedding—and she made an important point about the pressures young parents face.

We've all heard the unfair stereotypes teenage mothers face—but for one young mom, these aren't merely frustrating or discouraging, they're motivational. In a recent social media post, the mother freely admitted that she's felt pressure to "do right by her child"—but in the very same post, the mother also proved her commitment to her child's well-being, and her practice of putting her daughter's needs first.

The 19-year-old Seattle-based mom shared a beautiful photo from her wedding day, and the shot has been featured on the Facebook page Breastfeeding Mama Talk. In it, the mom is fully dressed for her wedding day, as is her daughter. (How cute does she look in that little dress?) She's breastfeeding in the photo as well, because even on her own wedding day, she's a mom first.

"I'm a young mom (19) from Seattle this was on my wedding day (Sep. 24th, 2016) and it's one of my favorite pictures from that day. Being young I know the added pressure to do right by your child and I'm glad I stuck with it. Even on my wedding day I found a way to make it work," she wrote. 

Commenters came forward to praise the young mother, with comments along the lines of: "You go! Such a beautiful, strong, local momma ❤ Be proud of your achievements. You're doing an amazing thing. Keep bonding with your baby and stand by what you believe in." One other mom even shared a photo of herself breastfeeding on her own wedding day in solidarity.

It can't be easy to welcome a child when you're still in your teens (then again, it's never easy to welcome a child), and we love that this mama is getting some well-deserved support from this community.