On Teeth And Drains

03.31.11 7 months, 2 weeks

tucker toys.jpg

Tucker has a tooth. A little pokey point sticking up on the bottom, and a hard lump next to it where the second one i trying to come in. He’s been gnawing and drooling for months, but last week I suspected he was really coming into the home stretch—he wasn’t nursing very well, he was sleeping poorly, and he was far crankier than normal. He’s usually a very even-tempered, patient baby, and even his “bad mood” is still pretty manageable. Still, he seemed off. And sure enough, by Friday I could feel that little pointy tooth (not that he lets me without quite a struggle!). I’ve tried giving him all kinds of teething options: Damp, frozen washcloth, fruit in a mesh-sack-teether-thing, all his various toys. He doesn’t seem to care for anything in particular, though he’s suddenly obsessed with the papery-plasticky tags on things. He practically climbed into one of the toy boxes the other day, trying to chew on the tag.

He has remained very loyal to both Sophie the Giraffe and the Animal teether he loved from the very beginning (it was the first thing he ever held onto). The Animal is great because it has a knob that is great for chewing, but the entire thing, really, is good. He has started pitching things out of the stroller, so I’ve had to rig a pacifier tether to poor Sophie’s leg. Now he chews on the tether instead of Sophie!

And after ages of tripod-sitting or flopping over unexpectedly, Tucker has also finally started staying upright for a longer period. He’s so big (21.5 pounds on Monday) that I think he has just needed longer to work up the muscles to keep all that heft in place. It’s fun to see how with each passing day he can stay up for longer and grab at more stuff. So grabby.

I wanted to follow up on my review of the Skip Hop PlaySpot from a couple weeks ago. After a few weeks of use I do have to say I wish the tiles fit together more tightly—it’s nice that they don’t have “puzzle” edges because it simplifies changing the size of the mat (and streamlines the design), but the X fasteners do means there’s often a gap between tiles as you move around on them. It has been so nice having a big, soft play area, though, and I appreciate how easily the tiles wipe clean!

And now, a slightly off-topic finale for the strong of stomach:

You guys. If you’re pregnant, you’re probably enjoying that famously lush pregnancy hair. If you’re post-partum, you’ve likely seen the flip-side: The Shed. The horrible, endless Shed. It started around four months post-partum for me, and has definitely slowed down in the past month, but our shower has remained slow to drain no matter how much toxic gunk we pour down it or how careful I am to try to avoid washing the hair down (Gross.) (It gets grosser.) I saw a post on Shelteriffic about the Zip-It, a disposable drain-clearing gizmo that you can buy at Home Depot for a couple bucks. It’s a piece of flexible plastic with sharp little vertically-oriented teeth on it. You jam it down the drain, yank it back out, and, well, extreme repulsiveness follows. If you’re in the mood to gag, check out the Zip-It website zipitclean.com for some horrifying examples. I tried it out with great anticipation last week, and while the results weren’t worthy of that Gallery of Nasty, the shower is draining infinitely better now. And there was no lingering-toxic-fume-haze in the bathroom, which is a distinct step up from Drano.

Seriously disgusting, but effective and kind of awesome. In a gross way. Have fun!

Kate Flaim is a freelance journalist and food blogger based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.