The Amazing Story of a Woman Who Gave Birth to Her Own Grandchild

You'll love Megan Barker's story—the woman just gave birth to her grandson, and the reason behind this is absolutely incredible.

Maddie Coleman was just 14 when she learned she wouldn't be able to carry her children—but even then, Coleman's mother, Megan Barker was ready to make an incredible offer. Barker said she'd carry her daughter's baby if she wanted her to—and while Coleman thought the offer was strange at the time, sure enough, that's exactly what came to pass.

Years later Coleman had married and was ready to think about having children of her own. While Coleman considered surrogacy, she couldn't wrap her head around the cost. That's when she decided to take her mother up on the offer she made so many years ago.

PEOPLE shared this family's story, and it's amazing. Barker, who is 48, conceived the child via IVF, and on October 22, 2016, she gave birth to her grandson, Gus Wyatt Coleman. 

“At first, I couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea of Mom carrying our baby. It was a bit weird, but I was mostly excited and so grateful," Coleman told PEOPLE.

This story completely blew us away, but it's actually not the first of its kind. We previously shared the story of a woman who gave birth to her best friend's child—and let's not forget that Chrissy Teigen famously offered herself up as a surrogate for her pregnancy role model, Kim Kardashian West. Still, no matter how many stories of surrogacy we've heard, we are always amazed by the selflessness and beauty they represent. This one in particular reminds us that moms will do anything for their children.