The Amazing Way George Michael Helped a Woman Struggling to Conceive

The late star played a major role in helping one woman through her battle with infertility.

George Michael in concert Slavko Sereda/
George Michael died on Christmas day, but the singer left behind a huge legacy—and it isn't just about the music he made or the performances he gave. Fans and friends have come forward to share their own stories about the star's generosity. 

One of the most recent stories that surfaced has to do with one woman's fertility struggle. It's no secret that fertility treatments can be prohibitively expensive—IVF comes with a price tag so high, it might simply be out of the cards for so many women who need treatment in order to conceive. Lynette Gillard knows this all too well: The British woman appeared on an episode of Deal or No Deal in 2008, according to reports. During her appearance on the show, she opened up how she needed money—£15,000, to be exact—for a round of IVF. The money was donated anonymously, and Gillard didn't know who donated it.

Until now.

According to a tweet from British TV presenter Richard Osman, George Michael was the mysterious benefactor.

Indy100 shared a shot of a now-deleted tweet Gillard sent in response. “For many years I wondered who donated this money and now I know. Thank you. RIP George what an amazing person," the woman reportedly wrote. 

While there's no way to confirm whether or not it actually happened this way, this story is pretty amazing—and it's just one more touching anecdote to add to our memory of a legendary talent.