The Heartwarming Way One Pregnant Woman Helped Another This Christmas

A pregnant woman spread holiday cheer in the most amazing way over the Christmas weekend: She gave another pregnant lady a major, life-altering gift.

Sarah Clark is at the tail end of her pregnancy—and like so many to-be mothers out there, she's faced plenty of financial stress. Clark is a restaurant server and bartender who won't receive any paid time off after she gives birth. Her fiancé is out of work as well thanks to an injury, and the couple is set to welome their child on January 8.

Sadly, her predicament is not at all uncommon—but Clark's story took an extraordinary turn.

Clark, who works at Pita Jungle in Phoenix, was waiting on another pregnant woman when she got a huge surprise: The patron left a $900 tip and a note that read "This is God's money—He gave it to us so we could give it to you. God bless" after her meal. 

"I couldn't believe what I was looking at at first because it was such a high amount. Nine hundred dollars is a lot of money. It took a while for it to set in, and once it did I cried for a little while," Clark told CNN affiliate KHPO. "I don't know if she really understands how much this is going to help us this season. Me being on maternity leave and him being out of work, we're not going to be making any income. So this is really going to help with rent and other bills and things like that."

According to reports, Clark and the woman who left the gift knew a bit about each other's situations. 

This story is such a wonderful example of what the holiday season should be: A chance to give, to appreciate kindness and to recognize chances to spread cheer to the people who really need it. Did anyone help you during your pregnancy in a really significant way?