These Illustrations Perfectly Capture New-Mom Life

If you're a new mom, you'll find these illustrations SO relatable. If you're about to become a mom...well, here's a picture of what you can expect.

Early motherhood isn't all adorable infant clothes, nonstop snuggles and perfectly posed birth announcements. (Though social media has a way of making it look like it is!) Anyone who has ever become a mom knows all too well that those early days are messy, exhausting and full of surprises. 

Illustrator Anna Lewis—who goes by Sketchy Muma on Instagram, where she shares her "diary of a firsttime mom"—gets right to the heart of what that time is like: the good, the bad, and the insanity. The artist runs an Etsy store that's temporarily on hiatus, but you can view her designs on Instagram (and, of course, check back to see when her store reopens). Trust us: These will brighten up your day!

Lewis tackles everything from that weird sensation of looking in the mirror right after giving birth (it can be disorienting!) to the way a relationship between partners changes after they become parents. While her artwork isn't exclusively about parenting, raising children is a very common theme, and her work really shines when she gets real about the experience new mothers undergo. Some of our favorite images that speak to #NewMomLife appear below. 

Can you relate to these images?