This 41-Day-Old Organ Donor's Story is Both Heartbreaking and Beautiful

An infant became the U.K.'s youngest known organ donor. From this tragic loss, his parents managed to do something amazing. 

Theo Omandi Infant Organ Donor Courtesy of Family/NHS Blood and Transplant
Theo Omandi's story is nothing short of tragic: The newborn was just 41 days old when he died. After doctors told Omandi's parents there was nothing they could do to save him, the parents made an undoubtedly heartbreaking—yet incredibly brave—request: They asked if their son could become an organ donor.

“For us, it was only and still is a difficult time, however it was never a difficult decision to support Theo to make his donation. We believe he would have wanted to help others if he had been able to grow up and make the decision himself,” the parents, who have chosen to remain anonymous, said, according toToday. "We are proud of what Theo could do."

And proud they should be. Their son became the youngest known organ donor in the United Kingdom, and his organs are saving lives. 

Take the story of a five-month-old girl named Imogen Bolton, who became the youngest person in the U.K. to undergo a double-lung transplant surgery. The infant was diagnosed with alveolar capillary dysplasia, a lung disorder that would have likely been fatal—that is, had Imogen not received Theo's donated lungs. Imogen's surgery was successful and the little girl is back at home with her family. 

We're floored by this story—not just because Theo will save the lives of other children, but also because his parents displayed such remarkable strength. “We search for our son’s presence everywhere and every day," they said, according to Today. "Now we have known one of the brightest places in Imogen. A once-in-a-lifetime chance meeting of two little people bravely and beautifully fighting for life.”