This Baby's Plank Game is STRONG

This video of a baby assuming perfect plank position is pretty much the most adorable thing you'll see today. Also? GOALS. 

Holy adorableness. A mom recently posted a video clip of her workout, and it's basically the cutest thing we've ever seen. Why, you ask? Well, it's all because of her precious co-star: The mama is planking alongside her gorgeous six-month-old son...and let's just say we're envying the little guy's strength. He managed to hold his plank for 34 seconds!

The video has been shared widely (not surprising at all, as something this sweet needs to be seen), and people are loving what they see...for the most part. There are some ridiculously critical comments under the video as well—but luckily, the mom featured in this video has some words for the haters. 

"Roman is a very special little boy and I was completely shocked to see him copying me! The purpose of this video is to inspire people and show a beautiful moment between mother and son," Dana McGowan commented on Daily Mail's Facebook page, where the video is shared. "I'm well aware that my form isn't perfect (I've taught yoga for 3 years. Promise I know how to plank) and heaven forbid I have a roll over my pants. It's people like you that choose to point out the flaws in people that make this world a negative place. Because of yoga I can see past people's flaws and witness beauty. Maybe you should try it. Love and light!"

It's sad that she even had to put forth a message like this, but this mama's comment is right on the money. The cuteness factor isn't the only awesome thing about this video—we love how this mom makes fitness work with her lifestyle, and we believe it's never too early to expose your kids to healthy habits. McGowan has clearly figured out how to sneak in workouts without sacrificing quality time with her baby—and that proves her ability to maintain both the literal and figurative sense.