This Bridesmaid Kept Her Labor a Secret for 17 Hours During Her Friend's Wedding

Whoa. Someone give this bridesmaid—who fulfilled her duties while she was in labor—an award. We honestly have no idea how she pulled this off, but we're impressed!

Bridesmaid in Labor Shutterstock
Karla Barry didn't want to steal her friend's thunder on her wedding day—so Barry, who served as a bridesmaid at the wedding, planned to power through the day's events despite the fact that she was full-term pregnant.

But Barry probably didn't bargain for what actually happened on the day of the wedding: She went into labor. Now, most bridesmaids would leave the wedding and head straight to the hospital if this happened to them, and just about every bride would probably be completely understanding, right? But Barry wasn't about to back out of her friend's special day—so she labored for 17 hours, in secret, while performing her bridesmaid duties.

KidSpot shared Barry's story, and we're in awe. The mama managed to walk down the aisle, pose for photos, and even attend the wedding reception before her partner insisted that she head to the hospital.

Barry agreed to be a bridesmaid before she learned she was pregnant. She had no idea the baby would arrive on the day of the wedding—despite the fact that her partner predicted this. According to reports, Barry was sent home when she initially headed to the hospital from the wedding—but she returned to the hospital just an hour later when her water broke. 

Barry gave birth to her son, Xavier Troy, after a 22-hour labor. “He was crowning in the car on the way to hospital,” she told KidSpot. “I was in labour for about 24 hours from start to finish, so If we had have waited an extra hour at the wedding it could have been a very different outcome.”

Would you be able to have that kind of dedication to your friend? What activities did you try and take on when you were in labor?