This Couple's OB-GYN Story Will Make You LOL

A couple shared a video telling the story of their latest OB-GYN appointment and trust us, this one is going to give you the giggles.

"Funny" probably isn't the first word that comes to mind when you think of visiting your OB-GYN during your pregnancy. You're probably feeling emotions more along the lines of nervous or elated or even overwhelmed. But Chris and Rachel McQueen managed to see the humor in their latest medical appointment—let's hope you would feel the same way if you had the kind of experience this couple did when visiting the doctor

The couple shared a video after their appointment, and it's being gaining tons of traction online. The viral video features the couple in hysterics as they recount the little mistake their doctor made. 

Chris recounted the experience by doing an impression of his pregnant partner, Rachel, who complained that something felt "hot" after the doctor began examining her. “Oh. OH. Whatever you put in there, it’s HOT. You got to GO," he imitated.

Confused? We were too at first—until it came out that the couple's doctor had accidentally grabbed hand sanitizer instead of the gel that's usually used for ultrasounds. Um, ouch? You can hear the whole story from the parents-to-be, who were still cracking up over the whole thing when they recorded the video.

We have to give it up for this couple and their ability to find the humor in an uncomfortable (like, literally) situation. Has anything like this happened to you?