This Fit Pregnant Woman Got Banned From Instagram for the Craziest Reason

Brittany Perille Yobe was kicked off of Instagram for being "too sexy." What was she doing? Sharing glimpses of her workouts.

Brittany Perille Yobe has amassed nearly a million Instagram followers for good reason. The mom-to-be is in unbelievable shape—she even powered through intense first-trimester morning sickness, only to come back in second trimester seemingly stronger than ever and posting regular videos of her intense workouts. Her followers noted how impressive this was, and they flooded her feed with positive comments about her commitment to healthy living—anyone who has experienced pregnancy understands how tough it can be to get back into the swing of regular workouts after battling three months of intense sickness.

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Yesss I am Biggg 😳 and Well Aware ✋🏼... but to be honest I truly do not care👊🏻 I have debated sharing this video of my big bare belly in full workout mode because of body shaming comments that I am sure will come 😲. Ultimately, this wasn't a great enough reason to keep me from sharing and empowering women to love their bodies through each stage of their fitness journeys 🙏🏻💪🏼. Six pack or big belly I still hustle 😓😋 I only have around 3 1/2 months left of carrying around this bump 👶🏼 and will do it wearing whatever I want ✌🏻️. Cannot wait to do comparison vids postnatal 👏🏻 *Vid is slightly sped up. Keep in mind my body is positioned in ways that are comfortable for my pregnant body. || For the supps I took pre-pregnancy. My post workout Nutrition Always includes Whey+Protein (chocolate flavor 😛) 👌🏻 @legionath @legionath Code:"Brittany" for a discount

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But then something crazy happened: After Yobe posted the clip above, which features her working out in leggings and a sports bra with her baby bump revealed, Yobe logged on to the platform to find her entire account had been disabled. She received a message from Instagram indicating that it was because she had posted "sexually suggestive" content.

It may very well be coincidence or a strange error—but let's face it, it's a little weird that this fit preggo never ran into any problems when posting similar content before she got pregnant. It seems like users were fine with seeing a woman with a six-pack's body exposed...but not a woman with a baby bump's.

Yobe agrees: “All I was doing in the video was working out like I’d done in all the other workout videos I have posted for years. There was nothing out of the ordinary in this one besides my bump," she told Cosmopolitan

There's a positive update here: Instagram eventually reinstated her account. While we're definitely happy about this—especially since the platform helps to mom-to-be make her living—we still have to wonder why anyone would be offended by images or videos of a pregnant woman doing something so many prominent Instagram users do every single day.  There's nothing vulgar about pregnant bodies, and we really need to change our societal attitudes towards them.