This Glowing Mom Rocking a 'Nappy' an Hour After Giving Birth Is #Goals

That #NewMomLife looks amazing on her!

Becoming a mother is absolutely wonderful—but it can get messy. So messy, in fact, that in some cases, baby isn't the only one leaving the hospital in a diaper.

Australian birth and maternity photographer Melissa Jean captured a mom who knows this all too well just one hour after she gave birth. The mom looks amazingly energetic and over-the-moon happy in the stunning black-and-white shot—she's posing in a bathrobe, which she holds open to reveal a big ol' "nappy." And it's pretty fabulous.

First of all, it's crazy that this new mama is up and about so soon after having a baby—all the mamas out there know how ridiculously exhausting childbirth is! But more importantly, we love that she's not afraid to get really real about the personal things new moms might face.

As we've previously reported, sometimes delivering a baby can mess with your bladder control. Wearing a diaper might be a great idea in those postpartum days, as you just might find yourself, uh, leaking when you sneeze, laugh, or lift something heavy. There's a way to minimize this effect (kegels FTW!) but it's sort of a reality of that new mom life, and we love this mother-photographer duo for being so willing to get real about this issue.

Moms came forward to voice support for this mom on social media. "Go mumma!!!! She looks absolutely amazing, nappy and all!" one user wrote.

What do you think about this photo? Were you surprised when you had to wear a diaper after baby? Tell us in the comments!