This Gorgeous Pregnancy Shoot Is Total Goals

You'll love this ethereal ode to pregnancy. The best part? You can DIY.

Mimi Ikonn is a popular YouTube personality, so it's no wonder this video (which features scenes from her maternity shoot) is absolutely stunning. Here's the other thing we love about the video, though: It's simple. We've seen (and loved!) a lot of pregnancy-themed videos, but this is one you can look to for inspiration. If you've been searching for a creative and long-lasting way to commemorate your pregnancy, why not take a cue from Ikonn and create a similar video of your very own?

The simplicity of this shoot means you don't need a large YouTube following, fancy camera, or on-air expertise to recreate something similar. What you do need? A device that can record videos (it could be an iPhone!), a gorgeous outfit that makes you feel beautiful, some romantic music, a scenic backdrop, and a willingness to express what you're feeling throughout your pregnancy without using words.

Ikonn wears a sweeping lavender off-the-shoulder dress and a flower crown in the first part of the video, and the bohemian vibe she exudes is so perfect. She also wears a white pleated dress, which coordinates with her husband Alex's white dress shirt, followed by a form-fitting pink dress with lacey top. The whole thing is just so dreamy—Ikonn and her husband are YouTube veterans, which might explain why the production value is so high. You can still get a similarly high-quality result from your own video, though—it just might be a matter of hiring a professional videographer (or enlisting some help from a talented friend!)

We want to hear from you! Did you opt for a pregnancy video instead of a traditional maternity photoshoot? Would you consider doing something like this?