This Guy Got an Award for Giving a Pregnant Woman His Subway Seat

A pregnant woman created—and finally granted—an award for the first man who would give her his subway seat.

Giving up your seat so that a pregnant woman can sit down while taking public transportation—it's just basic decency, right?

Unfortunately, a lot of people don't seem to have gotten that memo. This is a pretty well-documented problem: Olivia Wilde tweeted a rant about subway riders who wouldn't relinquish their seats to her while she was expecting, a New York City mom created a business to make this sort of thing easier for urban-dwelling preggos, and most recently, a woman created an actual award that she planned to give the first guy who extended the common courtesy. 

The good news? She finally found a "decent dude" worthy of the honor. An artist named Yvonne Lin started off by creating a card anshed planned to give it the first man who offered up his seat to her during her first pregnancy. Unfortunately, that never happened. While Lin reported that plenty of women offered up their seats, she went through her first pregnancy without ever encountering a man who would do the same.

When Lin got pregnant for the second time, she began carrying an actual trophy in her bag. She viewed it as a social experiment of sorts: She wanted to see how long it would take before she was able to present the award. 

According to DNAInfo, that day came on February 24, when a man finally gave up his seat. Lin gave him the trophy and snapped a picture of the man (who is reportedly a father himself) holding on to his award. 

Not surprisingly, the internet is loving the image of the "decent dude" holding his trophy proudly. We have to ask you—do you think people should always be giving pregnant women their seats? And do you think this man deserved the award for doing something most people would argue is simply a sign of good manners? Our take: This man did something no one around him seemed willing to do, and for that he has our respect.