This Kidney Stones Labor Story Brings a Whole New Meaning to the Term "Unplanned Pregnancy"

This woman's pregnancy story will blow your mind.

Jaegers Surprise Baby Michael Jaegers/Facebook
Stephanie Jaegers thought she was having menstrual cramps—but when the pain intensified, she worried it might be kidney stones. When Jaegers went to the hospital, she discovered something shocking: She was in labor.

The crazy thing? Jaegers had no idea she was pregnant, let alone well into her third trimester. Yet somehow, that's exactly what had been happening: She was 38 weeks pregnant and she had no idea.

You might be wondering how this is even possible. How did she not notice her growing baby bump, her missed periods or her baby's telltale kicks? But as The Washington Post reports, Jaegers simply had a symptom-free pregnancy. She didn't experience any morning sickness. Her baby was breech, which could explain why she never felt those kicks—it could also explain why her bump just looked like unremarkable bloating. Strangely enough, Jaegers had her period when she learned she was expecting, and she barely gained weight through the pregnancy. She was premenopausal, which might explain why her hormones didn't respond the way they normally do during pregnancy.

Jaegers gave birth to her fourth child that same day. Yes, you read that right: the mother had experienced pregnancy three times and still couldn't identify this one. At 37, Jaegers could be considered a high-risk case based on her age alone—what's more, her third childbirth involved some complications, and this led her doctor to advise Jaegers against getting pregnant again. “At first you're scared. You go through all the fears,” Jaegers told The Washington Post. “We're not prepared. We were not going to have any more kids. We have been taking precautions to not have any more.”

But despite all this, Jaegers gave birth to a healthy baby boy. In fact, her husband said that this baby, whom they named Shaun Jude Jaegers, was healthier at birth than their other three children were. 

As wild as this story is, it's not unique. We previously shared the story about another woman who didn't realize she was pregnant until she delivered her own baby. There was also the story of a 47-year-old woman who gave birth just one hour after she realized she was in labor—but while not unheard of, stories like these are pretty mind-blowing, aren't they?