This Mom Does Jaw-Dropping Aerial Tricks... With Her Baby

Whoa! Prepare to be amazed by this mama's aerial fitness moves, which she does with her baby. She takes fitness to a whole new level!

We're always in favor of mama/baby workouts, and we're not alone: Plenty of parents out there incorporate their children into their fitness routines.

But we've never seen one quite like this. Real mom Samantha Mellor shares photos of herself performing some seriously impressive aerial and yoga tricks—and as if the crazy amount of skill she displays isn't enough, Mellor also takes her moves to the next level by performing them with her baby in tow (because after all, they're never too young to—no pun intended—learn the ropes, right?).

We spoke to Mellor to learn more about her practice—and what it's been like to include her baby in it.

"I have been practicing since 2009," Mellor told Fit Pregnancy. "That's about eight years, however I've had two pregnancies so there's been a few breaks in there. My first son, Aleksander, was stillborn. It was a huge tragedy and practicing the aerial arts was a huge part of recovering and healing from such a loss. It gave me a huge outlet and release for my pain."

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Mellor has been doing aerial moves with her son, Drew, since he was about six to eight weeks old. "I wasn't nervous at all," she said of the first time she attempted a move wih her baby. "It was a fairly simple move for me and I knew I could do it. I've done hand balances over him, splits with him and many poses with him! I have not been nervous with these poses, because I have done these poses for years and have the utmost confidence. I would never do anything that I thought tested my abilities or made me nervous."

But that doesn't mean Mellor hasn't had to modify her workouts since she became a mom. "[My fitness routine has] changed a lot," she admitted. "The pictures can be a bit deceiving, but I feel I have very little time for exercise at all! I really don't get any segments of time to work out (more than 10 minutes) except for when he's napping and usually I work on other things such as my business or taking care of my house. So mostly I do squats/situps while holding him and go on walks with him. But when it comes to circus stuff, I usually set him in his walker, run up and do a trick as fast as I can, and then come down and get him again. Fortunately my husband is a wonderful man so when he isn't working he will watch Drew and I can do a few things!"

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Spoken like a true overworked mama, right? 

But busy as she may be, Mellor still clearly has a gift. The photos of her performing her workout of choice are just incredible, and they're also seriously inspirational. We love a mama who continues to go after her passions and maintain a healthy lifestyle after she welcomes children, and Mellor is clearly an example of one who does that—and while suspended in midair, no less!