This Mom Had The Best Reaction to Her Son’s Gender at Birth

This mother—who decided to keep her second baby's gender a surprise—had the biggest shock of her life after she gave birth.

Kim Guiley decided to join #TeamGreen for her second pregnancy (that is to say, she chose to be surprised by the little one's gender when he or she arrived)—but the mom did have a slight preference. Since she and her husband, Travis, already have one daughter, they loved the idea of welcoming a son to really round out the family. 

Both parents felt strongly that they'd have another girl—but sure enough, Guiley gave birth to a boy...and the expression of pure shock on her face was absolutely priceless.

Luckily, a photographer was on hand to capture the whole thing. Photographer Susannah Gill shared images from the home birth on her web site, and while they're all stunning, one particular photo is really capturing the Internet's attention.

Guiley posted the shot on her Instagram page as well. "Can't stop laughing at this awesome capture by our birth photographer @susannahgill_photostorytelling...After a lifetime of dreaming about one of each, but months of feeling so strongly that we were having another girl, this is the moment we discovered Theo's sex!!" the mom wrote alongside the image of her holding her son with an expression of pure shock across her face.

To all the mamas out there who chose not to learn the sex of their children before birth—can you relate to this mom's experience? Even though you objectively know you have a 50/50 shot either way, sometimes you can convince yourself of your baby's gender, only to be totally shocked when you learn the truth.