This Mom's Take on Pregnancy Expectations vs. Reality is SO Real it Hurts

You have to watch this mom take on the expectations many moms have about pregnancy—and how quickly those expectations get shattered. You'll totally relate!

While many women adore being pregnant, the reality is that sometimes, things don't quite go according to plan. We live in a world that makes us believe pregnant women should remain tiny everywhere else, with just a basketball-like baby bump sitting adorably along the midsection, all glowing skin and perfectly put-together maternity style. The reality? doesn't always look quite like that—that's why this video, which was made by a mom who pokes fun at pregnancy expectations and realities, won't just make you'll also strike you as totally relatable. 

London-based blogger mom Tova Leigh released the video, which features her detailing what pregnant women really experience during those 40 weeks—and beyond into new momhood. The video begins with her discussing the much-touted "pregnancy glow."

"The thing I can't wait for the most is that glow," she says. "It makes you look so beautiful and so sexy."

But her tune quickly changes: “My whole body hurts,” she laments. “So uncomfortable! Why the hell do I have hair on my chest? I can’t stop crying and I don’t even know why I’m crying. I’m not beautiful! I look fat. Where the hell is my glow? Where is my glow?” she laments.

Sounds familiar, right?

She also takes on the expectations surrounding childbirth: The desire to have a zen, natural, drug-free labor is definitely a common expectation among preggos, right? But then there's the reality—and that often involves demanding ALL THE DRUGS. She also takes on the expectations surrounding pregnancy diet (we all think we're going to eat kale 24/7, right?) and bouncing back ("I'll just work out every time the baby sleeps!") Those fly out window real fast. 

What do you think of this mama's video? Can you relate?