This Pregnancy Reveal Mash-Up Will Instantly Brighten Your Day

We're not crying, these are allergies.

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We've watched plenty of pregnancy reveal videos through the years—funny, creative, touching...we've seen it all. But none are quite like this collection of authentic reactions to pregnancy news. They range from emotional to ecstatic, include both laughter and tears, and focus on both parents-to-be and their loved ones. Every reaction captured is powerful and it's a strong reminder of how life-altering a pregnancy can be.

The video captures the sights and sounds of those first few moments after the news comes. One woman tearfully shares that she tried for "like, three years." Another man exclaims with pride that "[his] boys can swim!" Yet another scene shows one woman's reaction when she finds out her sister is having not one, but two babies during an ultrasound. 

The reveals are all different and they evoke a variety of feelings—but they have one thing in common: All are real, raw and incredibly moving. Give this a watch and see for yourself.