This Pregnant Ballerina's Triple Pirouette is on 'Pointe'

Executing a triple pirouette is really, really hard—and that's why it's so jaw-dropping to see this dancer pulling it off at 34 weeks pregnant!

We've seen plenty of evidence to indicate that pregnant women are capable of amazing physical feats—whether it's winning elite athletic competitions, training for marathons or keeping up those high-intensity workouts. There's no doubt about it: Pregnancy can't hold women back from living their fullest, most successful, active lives.

But while we firmly believe in the power of the preggo, we are always impressed when a woman manages to pull off something amazing—because let's face it, pregnancy does throw some serious physical challenges your way. For starters, it definitely affects your balance—and if pregnancy can make standing on your full two feet harder, it's pretty crazy to think that the talented among us still manage to pull of advanced ballet moves that require spinning on the toes of one foot.

That's why we're so impressed by Laura Tisserand, a principal dancer at Pacific Northwest Ballet. The ballet company recently shared a video of the incredibly talented ballerina performing a triple pirouette. The move is crazy difficult even for non-pregnant dancers, but the fact that she manages to do it so flawlessly at 34 weeks is just staggering.

"We wouldn't be surprised if this baby comes out doing triple pirouettes, just like her mama is doing at 34 weeks," the company wrote alongside the post. 

We aren't the only ones who are in awe of this woman's talent: Plenty of of social media users have commented on the video. One user wrote: "i love thus [sic], especially since i'm not pregnant and struggling to do just one!" Another weighed in with "... I am so impressed, at 7month I couldn't even get my leg into position to turn any more, lol! But that is why she is a principal."

Isn't this mama-to-be amazingly talented? Talk about pregnancy goals!