This Pregnant Foodie REALLY Loves Eating for Two

She's always been a food lover, but Eden Grinshpan is seriously chowing down on some of her favorite pregnancy cravings, and her fans are loving it. 

Meet Eden Grinshpan—Cooking Channel host, unabashed foodie, and mom-to-be. One look at Grinshpan's web site or Instagram feed makes one thing very clear: This lady loves to eat...and her pregnancy just might be intensifying that love affair.

"I feel pretty fortunate because I have made food a career—I've had a couple shows on the Cooking Channel, I'm the new host of Top Chef Canada and I'm actually in the process of opening a restaurant...[but] pregnancy has definitely made me go back for that second slice or that third slice," Grinshpan tells Fit Pregnancy. "My appetite has definitely increased."

The food lover is "eating for two," and fans are loving the photos and videos she's posting of herself indulging those pregnancy cravings—she even shared a hilarious video of herself dancing to Ed Sheeran's song "Shape of You" while dancing with a cheeseburger in each hand. You don't have to be pregnant to start drooling over this one.

"You don't really see pregnant women who are almost nine months pregnant dancing around and eating and having fun like that," she says of her decision to post the video. "The response has been amazing, obviously. We're just really enjoying it."

It's easy to see why preggos relate to the clip: While we are all for living the healthiest lifestyle possible while you're expecting, we also know that you need to live a little and give in to those cravings once in a while. And if you're pregnant, you can probably relate all too well to the video—sometimes when you finally get your hands on the food you've been craving, it sort of feels like you're actually in love, you know?

Speaking of living a healthy lifestyle, Grinshpan makes it clear that she's all about maintaining balance (and no, we're not referring to one cheeseburger in either hand here). As much as the mama-to-be loves pizza, sweets and burgers, that's definitely not all she consumes. "I love to indulge but when I'm not posting I'm eating lots of vegetables. This baby isn't going to be made up of bread and sugar," she says. "I eat very healthy in between my indulgences. I live a life of eating in moderation—yes, when I go for it now I think I really go for it, but in between I eat very healthy."